Satellite Radio on the Move

Satellite and Terrestrial Radio: The Essential Differences.

Ever since the start of radio broadcasting we have been used to the concept of the signal being transmitted from a base tower. Depending on the frequency, the signal varies in quality and robustness.

When it comes to reception of radio signals in cars, the frequency is even more important because the receiver – your car radio – is constantly moving.  Because of this it passes through areas of stronger and weaker signal which affects reception.  On some wave lengths, structures like bridges and buildings reduce the signal to an unpleasant hiss.

The other factor we have come to accept about terrestrial signals is that they tend to be much localized.  We cannot listen to the same radio broadcast for an entire road trip as the signal only reaches a few hundred miles at the most, with this varying from day to night and being adversely affected by changing weather conditions.

Satellite radio signals on the other hand depend on the satellite’s footprint.  They reach across thousands of miles, in some cases stretching across continents.  There is also very little interference.  With the signal coming from a high angle there is very little that can get in way of a satellite transmission.

This consistently good signal and the vast range mean that you can receive the same station for an entire trip.  You won’t once have to return or find something else to listen to.

A Matter of Choice

On that point, where there are probably several terrestrial radio stations to choose from in any given city with the selection dwindling rapidly as you leave town, the selection on satellite is consistently huge.

Depending on where you live, there may not be a radio station that caters for your taste of music.  This leaves you to rely on your own collection of CDs and what you may have down loaded from the internet onto a USB stick.  It’s surprising how quickly even a large collection of music can become stale and sometimes it’s really nice to hear someone else’s selection of your kind of tunes.

With satellite, there are literally hundreds of stations to choose from, so it is quite possible that you will find what you are looking for.

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Why the Difference?

Terrestrial and satellite stations follow different revenue streams. Terrestrial radio is free to the listener.  These stations sell advertising to businesses and organizations at a rate related to the size of their audiences. That is why the cities are reasonably well served, but the coverage falls off as the population dwindles in the country areas. They reach maybe thousands or hundreds of thousands of people depending on their location.

Satellite radio on the other hand relies on subscribers who pay a monthly fee.  They reach millions of subscribers and can offer a vast selection of genres and styles of radio entertainment.  Depending on the subscription a person has, they will have access to hundreds of radio stations and be able to receive music stations, talk radio and news services anywhere in a vast geographic area.

What does it Cost?

Terrestrial is free, apart from having to buy a radio to receive the programming and the patience to put up with the advertising that funds the service.  Satellite radio requires you to have a receiver capable of receiving the satellite signal.

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If your current system cannot receive satellite broadcast, you can buy a satellite receiver and easily integrate it with your existing unit. The cheapest stand alone units cost just over $42.00.  The top of the range go for around $189.00 and up.

Subscriptions, which give you access to an amazing range (about 150 channels) of content, start at about $15.00.  An up-front annual payment will save you about 15% with a payment about of $150.00.

Because satellite channels are subscriber funded, many of them are free of advertising. This for many people is a huge plus.

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