Mortocycles – things to know about styles, life and categories

Motorcycles are engine for strong man. Especially who love classic and non – Classic Cafe Racers, and love listening Rock’N Roll music and drink PINTS, burn up, running red lights.

Why we say that? Because unlike auto bikes. It requires too many skill such as reflexs, keep situation, strong and ready to oposite with risk  also ability under pressure and dangerous. To whom love driving and control a motorcycle makes you smarter, because it taxes your brain. So let’s assume that you’ve passed your test without too much trouble, and you’ve got the coordination, balance, and presence of mind to ride a two-wheeler.

The cash is now burning a hole in the pocket of your leathers, and you’re doing the rounds of the dealerships on a Saturday morning, looking for road bikers. That’s all what you need to know.

Motorcycles give you a freedom and excitement but car is can, don’t care about cost so it’s suited for whom love racers, dangerous. Riding – you must prepar a good skills, calm, quick thinking. Because its cost is too higher than auto bikes, heavy weight, high demands about technology,…

Well, Some categories and things about bike help you understand more attractive styles. Typically it’s Motorcycles that we call basics. It’s motorcycle use gasoline powers

Cruise type

We can think quickly to Harley Davidson. It  have lower seat heights but more comfortable when you ride it. They usually have big motives but not racing or extreme situations.

Sport bike

Popular mass in the United States, sports cars – often referred to as “ballistic missiles” – are sophisticated machines that work well and are even faster. Because of the power of the bikes, we recommend avoiding any type of sport for at least the first two years of your trip. It takes the time to train the body to control your motorbike, and it is easy to play sports to imitate you in a dangerous situation before you know what is going on. If you do not like fun motorbikes, you can choose other categories.


Touring motorbikes come in many shapes and sizes.  Some bikes, such as the Honda Goldwing also the BMW (especially K1600GTL)  are well-equipped with fairings, luggage, surround sound. Touring bikes often provide a great riding information, experience, event racing – But they may not be the best choice for a new driver beacause it’s too expensive ane weight. Anyway, it’s a great option with people who love PINTS drinks, burned, running red lights.


At their most basic level, the two sports are just dirtbikes – generally illegal to go on social roads – with some mirrors and lights to make them street-legal. The “Supermoto” bikes also fall into style, with the additional variant of a single street tire, as opposed to sporty dual tires. Because sports bikes are usually smaller and lighter, that’s a good choice for new riders. But if you’re careful: Most of the double sports have very high chairs. If you can not put both legs down when stopping, Rockersct is too high so you can ride safely. There are some options, of course, like the Yamaha TW200, it’s a beginner bike but not exactly a factory.


This style is full of misers, ferrets with DNA containing elements from the previous four years. Many of the most popular bikes you will find fall into the “standard camp”. They usually have a more hight riding seat than the cruiser or sports car. The size of the engine varies with the standard, but usually, there are no edges with ultra-high ranges.

Standard type is always the best chosen, especially for beginners. You can easy to find one and don’t care anything about features if you don’t want to a dangerous sport while you love bikes.

Standard, dual – sport, touring, sportbike, cruise – It’s just some suggest for you to easily give a styles, interesting life when you have a friend stand by whole your life. Speeds, designs, weights – so which is your styles? Everything will be alright if you know what is suit for you.

So we have many motorbikes and many categories, but depending on your ability also your budget your hobbies, keep calm and clearly thinking before you choose the best bike, suit for you.

We – Rockersct hope you more if you have any questions, experiences but you want to share more and more to many people. Why don’t you join us? Let’s us know now!

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